The Son and the Dirty Dozen


You have been recruited by Jesus to take part in his Dirty Dozen. Why the Dirty Dozen you ask? Because the men that the Savior chose to have by his side like you and I were far from perfect. They had baggage. They made mistakes. That had reputations. So which one are you?


Peter Simon

The so called OG and leader of your circle of friends. The one who always speaks up and is capable of amazing things. You don't use your Instagram like everyone else. You actually bring something to the table. But has there been times where you acted out of convenience or what other people would think?



Ever feel like you get overlooked simply because of who you surround yourself with? You have the best intentions. You're the friend who always drives and never asks for gas money. You get asked to take the pictures of the crew?


James The Greater

Maybe you're the introvert with the dominant best friend or sibling? You were the tutor in high school. The volunteer. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride?



Or even the favorite in your family? A short temper. One who would rather ask for forgiveness than permission?



Skeptical when you first meet people. A guard up due to being betrayed by people you love. Living in the details.


James The Lesser

You like to stay out of the way and keep things low key. Due to that, there's not much we can say about you.



Ahh your reputation proceeds you, but there has to be more to your story. Are you opportunistic out of survival or greed? Betrayal has to be a tool that you learned long ago right? You're a true believer in the golden rule. You have a new circle of friends every year and it's their fault right?


Thaddeus (Jude)

You enjoy life to the fullest. The comic relief in the crew, in fact you use your sense of humor to escape the pressure of serious situations. You have a heart of gold, but have always lacked real ambition.



You are no doubt the hustler of the group. A new business idea and way to make the next dollar is what you thrive on. You can honestly say that you haven't always done it the right way, but it was your way. If it was up to you, this crew would have been rich a long time ago if they listened to you.



The glass is always half empty through your pessimistic eyes. You have no problem spreading good news whenever it does happen for you. Maybe because you find yourself always expecting the worst? You start new things, but fall short due to low self-confidence.


Simon the Zealot

One that holds your values close. So close that you’d fight to prove a point and protect them. You have found yourself in situations where you had good intentions, but bad methods so you were the bad guy.



Seeing is believing is your moniker. That outlook drives the courage within you to leave no stone unturned, but it has also lead you to meddle in the affairs of others too often.


These are the people that the Savior of all mankind chose to carry out his mission with. He could have chosen LeBron James, The President, Drake, or even Charli from TikTok. No, he chose you and I as members of his crew.


So again we ask, which one are you?


Got it? Ok good, now go and show grace to your Dirty Dozen.

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