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For almost two decades we have shared a partnership that has created wonderful lives, careers and brotherhoods in multiple states. However, now we feel that God has called us to serve you: Our Audience, in the content delivery space. Join us as we bring the word of God to life in the only form we know how. All things work together for our good, your good as well (Romans 8:28). Experience our version of “All Things” as we walk you through our experiences in hopes that you grab inspiration and run with it.

The Origin of “Merlot Shades”

"The Marriage At Cana, where Jesus turned water to wine. This was his first public miracle of Jesus.” - John 2:1-11

Revelation: His first public miracle was a foreshadow of what He would do with the wine at the Last Supper. It started as water. I used to think Merlot Shades was us seeing through the perspective of His blood, but it's how God sees us. He doesn’t see us as us, He sees us through Merlot Shades. Blood Vision.

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