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Merlot Mag, Issue 1: Biblocrat Part II - WHO ARE YOU?

Written By: Pastor Brandon Johnson


Greetings my fellow readers,

I want to start by asking what most would consider a very simple question but yet could potentially have a more complex answer. Who are you? This is the question I would like to pose in this article entitled “Manna.” This question has been asked by many different people and groups, whether it be a friend, a spouse, a neighbor, family member, interviewer, corporation, or even the individuals who surround us on a daily basis. This particular question is not off limits especially when you desire to know WHO someone really is. I, however, want to approach this question from a different angle because I am not posing this question to or about anyone but YOU!! This is the very question that Rafiki asked of Simba at the most critical time of his life in the historic movie titled “The Lion King” as Simba prepared to journey his way back to the life that he once lost in order to assume the undeniable throne that was once crowned by his father, Mufasa. Not knowing who you are leads to not knowing why you exist, and when you don’t know why you exist, you fail to live with passion, purpose, and power. With this enormous unknowing hanging in the balance, you will easily become lost because you're living a life unfulfilled. A life with no purpose, no understanding, and ultimately with no destiny. This would not only be frustrating, painful, and miserable, but the life not knowing WHO you really are can be dangerous. You can wake up every day, living with routine and swag as if you live a normal life with all things in order when in actuality you're living a life of unanswered questions, painful mistakes, regret, misery, hurt, and fear. To live this sort of life would in many ways be detrimental to the physical, mental, and emotional state of YOUR BEING, leading you down the wrong path which if not handled can lead to you spending much of your life walking in the wrong direction.

The late great Dr. Myles Munroe presents us with this powerfully important quote on the impact of PURPOSE, stating that “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.” This quote from this renowned spiritual leader reminds us of how critical purpose really is and points us in the direction of understanding that we all are created with and for a singular purpose. Although my passion, perspective, and power may be a bit different from yours, the one thing we all have in common is PURPOSE. Purpose is fulfilling, sustaining, motivating, inspiring, empowering, and impactful.

Even if not to or for all mankind, purpose should be most critical to at least one, YOU! Purpose is finding out who we are, why we exist, what we were created for and why we have been created with or to the circumstances from which we come. Purpose is the reason why we fight, go hard in the paint, get up time after time even when knocked down, exuberate strength and resilience in the toughest of times, and live each day like it's our last. Purpose is our joy, strength, competition, fire, drive and motivation. When we find purpose, we find a reason to live and push forward even when the road ahead seems dark and gloomy. We clamp onto our faith and remember why we exist, because we have a purpose. It’s why we do what we do, ultimately, purpose is how we survive. In order to have purpose, you must be confident in knowing who you are and why you exist. Ultimately, in order to find your purpose, you first have to find yourself. So, I’ll ask you once more, WHO ARE YOU?

I want you to pause and take a moment to reflect on this question concerning you…

You may not be fully aware of who you are in this moment, but rest assured that the goal of this exercise is not to criticize you for not knowing or fully understanding your existence, The goal instead is to challenge you about where and who you are and offer insight into helping you realize that you are somebody, major, minor, or in-between, you exist only to be great. In order for Simba to find his way back home to the throne, he had to first re-discover who he was, heal from past hurt and debilitating pain, then realize that what he had been through was the real building block of foundation to who he was, a KING. Once he discovered the purpose within his pain, he was able to climb back upon the mountain where he once resided and create a way of life for those who were impacted by his power and purpose. We are all Kings and Queens who must figure out how to manage the throne of our own lives and be authentic in every facet of our kingdom that GOD has blessed us to assume. Simba had to not only discover why he existed, but he had to claw his way back like a champion, taking back authority over his life, and although faced with much adversity, had to realize that his purpose was much bigger than his pain and his past. If he was going to assume the power to lead, he had to take his life back and recapture the throne from an uncanny and irresponsible leader. Leaders are not one sided and should not be biased or discriminatory. Leaders are responsible for leading people, no matter the color, the size, the shape, the history, the background, or the status as we are all deserving of fairness, equality, and compassion.

As we diligently prepare for another election this November, we must take the time to vote and make strategic decisions that can and will affect us and those we love for years to come. We must make a calculated decision based on our desires, needs, goals, and purpose. In this unprecedented time, it's not as much about politics, political parties, or just polls. It’s really about people, purpose, and the restoration of power into the hands of the people. Now that’s democracy. Whether or not you live on the side of the Democrats or Republicans, or even reside as an independent, I want you to decide on what is best for YOU!! What brings the best out of and to YOU!! What helps you inherit the great source of power in your own life that will bring you true freedom and the favor of God. I want to introduce you to a way of life that is solely beneficial to you and absolutely necessary in helping build you, empower you, and discovering YOUR PURPOSE.

There is a new movement on the horizon that will manifest greatness in and for you that has nothing to do with politics or parties. it’s a way of life, a choice, and a tool….This party is a force by itself dedicated to us, the people!! It’s the life of a “Biblocrat!” This way of life helps you discover who you are, why you exist, and the authentic purpose set aside for people like you and me. It’s the reason we overcame and survived, because our story means much more than politics. This is our power discovered through our purpose and together we will uncover the true meaning of what it is to be a “Biblocrat!” I don’t want you to live a life unfulfilled and underachieved, but I want you to discover your real purpose and realize you are the gift that keeps on giving. There is a passage of scripture in the book of Psalm 37:23 that states, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.” In other words, when you're connected to the right source, your steps are ordered by God that will always lead you in the direction that will benefit and bless you beyond measure. It’s a path that will put you in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. You will not be lost or led astray because it’s the journey forward we all must be willing to take in order to discover our POTENTIAL and unlock our PURPOSE.

When you understand your value and realize your own POTENTIAL, you're now on the right track to uncovering your PURPOSE. But remember, without knowing who you are, it will be impossible to know why you’re here. We are all here for a reason, but why are you here?? And, WHO ARE YOU? Let us say this prayer together, one in which you can recite as you gain insight into discovering the authentic you and finding the purpose within your existence, pray with me.

A Prayer for Self-Identity


Thank you for all that you have done with and for me in my life so far. I look forward to continually discovering myself and unlocking my purpose. I ask you in the name of Jesus to grant me the insight, discipline and wisdom to travel the road you created for me. No matter how long or how tough, give me the courage, endurance, and power to stay focused on my journey moving ahead and order my steps that will open the doors of opportunity in my life. Give me the tools I need to continue moving forward and surround me with people who hold me accountable to my call and purpose that you have destined for me to reach. Please help me rid myself of distractions, excuses, and unnecessary chaos, while granting me the peace of mind to hear from you. Create the path necessary for my development and give me the strength to endure tough times. Show me where and when to walk so that I avoid setbacks or falling into dangerous life altering trenches and teach me how to be patient when I feel at a standstill. Walk with me, talk to me, and give me the wherewithal I need to survive the storms that ultimately come to make me strong. I believe in me and I know that you have reason and purpose for my existence. Show me the way and grant me grace when I make mistakes or fall in error. Teach me to love myself and remind me of your everlasting love for me because I know that you love me even when I’m hard to love. You have created me with and for purpose, please God help me to know and understand my purpose so I don’t live empty and unfulfilled. I am thankful for this moment and I look forward to knowing you more so that I can discover me. Show me the way and guide me to the path of my purpose and destiny in Jesus’ name I pray and believe by faith, AMEN!!

I pray the next time we talk, you’ll be a step closer to discovering your purpose and who you are. I’ll be praying with and for you, believing that you will reach your purpose and encounter your dreams. Until next time, be encouraged and remain faithful to the path of discovering YOU!!

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